Kuo's Garage 副氣室 節氣門墊片

Kuo's Garage 副氣室 節氣門墊片

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Kuo's Garage 副氣室 節氣門墊片


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Our product can maximize air volume and increase engine's horse power

Throttle spacers and sub air chamber installation instruction

First, take off wipers, wiper cover and air boxes.


Now you can see the throttle as shown in the picture, all we have to do is assemble the product into throttle and manifold.


Turn off the power and disassemble the throttle plug. (disconnect the battery if necessary)


Unbolt the bolts


Pay attention to the bolt nuts while unbolting, beware of dropping


Bolts and Nuts


These are all components of products


Fix the hose with hose clamps

Connect one side of the hose to the valve of the throttle spacers. 


Separate the manifold and the throttle, and you will see an attachment frame underneath.

Hose must go under the attachment frame. 

Here is the Packing. 


Put it into the throttle and the spacer.

Now use our bolts. (Longer ones) 


Connect the other side of the hose with sub air chamber.

Fix the sub air chamber.


There is an attachment frame under the air collection tank, press the attachment frame down by one centimeter with your hand.

Assemble the spacer on the air collection tank. (It must be assembled on the left as shown in the picture.)

Unscrew the screws.

After you follow the steps above and complete the whole procedure, you can assemble everything back