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MAKE    :        HONDA
MODEL :         FIT / JAZZ (Left-hand drive)
TYPE      :         2nd GE6/7/8/9(Left-hand drive)
NOTE     :        1PCS/SET

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Unlike traditional engine bay strut tower bar, Kuo's Garage’s “Engine Bay Strut tower bar is different and unique.
We have added an additional feature, master cylinder stabilizer bracket, to help enthusiast on street/track performance.
Kuo’s Garage Engine Bay Strut tower Bar not only increased body rigidity, but it improves overall braking performance by 45%.
Installation process of Kuo’s Garage “Engine Bay Master Cylinder stabilizer Strut Tower Bar ( EBMC Bar)”.

Demo Car, USDM GE 5spd.

1.Take off, wipers, wiper cover, air boxes.

2. Kuo’s Garage Engine Bay M.S Stablizer Strut Tower Bar( EBMC Bar), unbolt right side bracket

3. Unbolt master cylnder bolts through on firewall.

4. Unbolt master cylinder container’s bolt.

5. After removing from the container, original two holes left by OEM

6. Install the bracket on Master Cylinder.

7. Putting bolts back as pic shown.

8. Take out the hardware package as picture shown

9. There are 3 sets of hardware as picture shown

10. Reuse factory holes.

11. Right side bracket done!!!

12. Now begin with Left side.

13. Unbolt ABS bolts off firewall

14. There are 2 bolts/nuts, total 4 of them.

15. Right next to AC lines, there is factory hole.

16. After revmoing ABS brackets, there is a small hook becaful on remvoing process.

17. Looking from Suspenion housing where is the hook holding at.

18. Use plier to pray it out slowly, becarful on removing process. Now we can remove abs bracket.

19. Kuo’s Garage Engine Bay M.S Stablizer Strut Tower Bar( EBMC Bar), unbolt left side bracket

20. Now install the EBMC bracket behind the ABS bracket as picture shown.

21. Put bolts back on the ABS bracket as picture shown

22. Put eveything back as pictures shown on following process.

23. Original factory hole.

24. Use the hardware package as picture shown below.

25. Bolt on

26. Left side done!!!

27.Remvoing the brake holes bracket on firewall.

28. Install the bar.

29. Bolt on right side.

30. Bolt on left side.

31. On the bar has a built in bracket for hose to click on.

32. Finished!!!